Industries Served

Heavy Equipment Industry

We provide a variety of products to help you maintain heavy equipment. We know that a broken hose on a piece of?construction equipment?can stop progress on your jobsite. Whether you need a?high pressure hydraulic hose, return line or quick disconnect we can help. Let us get you up and running fast by bringing your broken hose to our location. Almost always we can repair it while you wait.

Transportation Industry

Action Hose stocks a variety of hoses and hose accessories for transportation. From cars and trucks, to tour buses, car-haulers and freight carriers, we can provide hoses and?fittings for your vehicle. Hoses for transportation applications include Air Conditioning, Brake, Hydraulic, Fuel Tank/Vapor, Air Brake, and many more. Many of our hoses and fittings are also D.O.T rated and compliant and can be attached in the field. We carry products for high pressure, low pressure, and different temperature requirements.

Utilities Industry

We provide an assortment of products designed for use by utilities.?Thermoplastic non-conductive lines are available and used in areas where electricity has the potential to be transferred through the hose and be a safety hazard. Flexible Metal hose and?steam hose?are available for steam piping systems. These hoses are?corrosion resistant and can be ordered with varying end configurations. We also supply a variety of?air pressure hoses, hydraulic fittings, and industrial rubber.?We also provide products for high-pressure lubrication lines and fuel delivery lines for power plants and electric companies.

Automotive Industry

Action Hose can help you maintain a fleet of vehicles or your personal car or truck. We can repair or replace your?A/C hose, power steering hose,?heater hose,?radiator hose,?or?brake hose.?Let us help get you back on the road fast by bringing your broken hose to our location. We can repair your hose while you wait or create a custom hose assembly for you. Action Hose can save you hundreds of dollars compared to car manufacturer?s prices for comparable products. We can also help you outfit your high-performance vehicle or hotrod.

Brewing and Wine Industry

?Action Hose carries a wide variety of FDA approved Food Grade Hose and Beverage Hose for multiple applications. The industries we serve are?breweries,?wineries,?distilleries, juice and?food?processing, just to name a few.?We have?a full-line of brewery hoses, fittings and accessories to get your local brewery business up and tapping!?We can help you get started if you are planning a new brewery or supply your existing?brewery with?transfer?hoses,?wash down?hoses, nozzles, sanitary clamp ends,?sanitary?fittings,?tubing?and valves.

Construction Industry

Action Hose supplies the construction industry with products for many applications including dewatering, sandblasting, and pressure washing. We can provide?suction hose?and?discharge hose?to attach to a water pump for dewatering a new site. Action Hose also carries a variety of products like?hydraulic fittings?and?steam hose, as well as a full line of industrial hose, for the maintenance of industrial equipment and heavy equipment. We provide an array of products from concrete pump hoses and asphalt hoses to small hydraulic hoses on equipment, fuel hoses, and air hoses for equipment like jackhammers.?Whether your project is large or small, we bet there are hose assemblies helping you get the job done. When a hose breaks and production on your job stops, we know that costs you and your client time and money. Bring your broken hose to our location and we?ll fix it while you wait. Action Hose helps you get back to work as soon as possible.

Food and Beverage Industry

Action Hose is a stocking distributor for food grade?FDA hose?and?hose fittings.?Our products are used in beverage dispensing systems, food processing plants, municipal water supply, wineries and breweries. These food grade hoses can convey water, steam and oil, and are?oil resistant.?The components used in hoses for these applications will not alter the taste of the food product being conveyed.?We also provide a variety of?hose accessories?for wash down applications in restaurants, processing plants, and kitchens.

Government and Military Industry

Action Hose is proud to serve Federal, state, and local governments and?municipalities.?We also work with many government sub-contractors. Action Hose provides products for a variety of applications including new construction, dewatering, wastewater treatment, equipment, and vehicle maintenance. We can quickly provide bulk hose and hose assemblies that meet specific Federal or Mil-Specs. If it is not already in stock we will special order and have it drop-shipped for efficient turnaround time.

Petrochemical Industry

Beyond?fuel hoses?and?petrochemical valves,?we provide hoses to convey other petroleum products and petro chemicals like fertilizers, detergents, paints, and solvents. These hoses are?oil and chemical resistant.?We can also provide?safety valves, critical when working with hazardous materials. Let the experts at Action Hose help you choose the correct hose and hose fittings for your application. Safety is our specialty.

Plants and Mills Industry

We provide a variety of hoses and fittings for use in plants and mills. Applications include energy plants, power mills,?wastewater treatment plants,?and mining facilities, among others.?Products utilized in these applications include?air pressure hose, industrial rubber, and hydraulic fittings.?Materials conveyed in plant and mills include water, air, steam, and petrochemicals. We also provide a variety of hose accessories and hose reels to help keep your work area clean, organized, and efficient.